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About us

We are a small Canadian owned and operated business.

After looking at alternatives

The story began in 2012

We found that there was a gap in the Veteran Banner Progam that we could fill.  Having extensive business and military experience, we decided to offer our services to anyone across Canada who could use it to help them get started.

A perfect fit for your program

Designed to be a solution

Coming from a promotional and marketing products company, offering products to support these programs anywhere in Canada as needed.  Along with being a Canadian Forces Veteran, the connection was almost to easy.

Contnue support and focus

We’re just getting started

After a decade of working with programs, we are still finding ways to impove and offer better services.  Every year we approach the programs with the same intensity and enjoyment as we did the first year we started.  We plan to keep working with programs for a very long time.

This is Chris, a long, long, long time ago when he was young and served.  We rely on him to work with the various programs to make certain that they receive what they need to get started and have a successful banner program.

A bit older, bigger, and more hair, Chris is the main POC for us and programs.  He has the experience and understanding to make everything work.