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“It’s more than hanging a banner.  It’s about being proud of our military and Veterans, who they are, what they have done and what it means to truly be Canadian.” ~ A Proud Canadian


You’ve seen them.  Early fall.  Faces from the past, some from the present.  Displayed throughout communities across Canada. 

Honouring those who put service before self.

We work with communities  and groups across Canada, helping them to display the names and faces of our veterans.  To share their story so that our communities will be able to connect with the everyday people who made the extraordinary decision to serve their country.

With this, we hope to engage society in honouring local veterans in a colourful and vibrant way.  To help promote remembrance and to educate everyone of the service of our Veterans.  Last but not least; to help ensure recognition and remembrance in our future generations.

Our story

About the Program

About 10 years ago, we were approached by a local Legion and asked if we could make banners with pictures of local Veterans on them.  Being a Veteran, I did not know this was a thing so I did some research and found that there were communities in the East Coast that were doing something similar.

After some discussion in the shop, we thought that this was a great way to support Veterans and spoke to a couple local Legions to see if they were interested in starting a program.  

Ten years, 70 plus programs, and over 5 000 banners later, we are still working with Legions, Towns, Museums, Service groups and anyone who wants to have a program in their community and we will keep going as long as needed.

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We work with programs across Canada and receive questions all the time about who we help and work with.  

Our interactive map will help you find the program closest to you or those that will be on your travels.

It would be great to travel to all the locations that have banners up but unfortunately that isn’t always possible. 

Here is our Gallery though that people have shared with us.

One of the other things we offer is Veteran related merch.  Whether it is a miniature banner for home or a Veteran  tee or something a Veteran Artist created.

Real talk from programs we work with.

We work with programs across Canada.  Here are what some of they have to say about the program.

The Veterans Banner project allows families and the community at large the opportunity to honour and remember the men and women that have served our country. 

The banner project has created an environment that allows multiple generations of each family to participate and learn about their Veteran with the end result being a welcomed visual reminder of the Veterans that fought for the rights and freedoms that we all enjoy today.

Chris has been a key player in developing our local Veterans Banner project by providing us with the expertise and an attractive product at a price point that enables us to encourage families to participate in the program.

Grant Hemming  Didsbury AB

“Working with Chris at Memorial Banners has been a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and provided us helpful information as we started our Veterans Banner Program. I would strongly recommend Memorial Banner as a partner for anyone interested in offering such a great program for our veterans.”

Scott Surette, Deputy CAO

“I have been dealing with Chris and OnePromo since 2017 in
producing the vinyl Veteran Street Banners for the Town of
Mount Forest. Including this year I have been extremely
pleased with the service and treatment I have received and
will continue to work closely with them on this excellent project”

Derek Moore, Veteran Banner Chair, Br. #134 Royal Canadian Legion, Mount Forest.

“When we started the Riverside Veteran Banner Project, Chris and the Memorial Banner Program came highly recommended as they did banners in Aurora, where one of our project team members first saw the banners.  From first contact to going through the whole process, the Memorial Banner Program has been helpful in guiding us to ensure the banners for our veterans were special.  Their system is easy to use in getting pictures loaded and the extra step of getting a mockup really helps in making sure no errors are involved.  The quality of the banners, poles and brackets is top notch and this is one of the reasons, they are the folks to see and work with if you are looking to start up a banner project.  I cannot recommend them enough and I thank them for what they have done for us in our project.”
Marty Flanagan - Riverside (Windsor) Veteran Banner Project Team

“Leave the Streets Behind” Program

Homelessness is an epidemic that has its many issues and something that will take all of us to work together to help.

One thing I did not know was how many were Veterans.  After doing some quick research, I found that 4.4% of those homeless people were veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and 0.3% as veterans of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  This may seem like a small number but when you take into consideration that we, as a Nation, do not have a large Force.  So in reality this is a large number.

Being a Veteran, I remember the comardery and having buddy’s back when I served that it is unbeleivable that Veterans don’t have the support after they leave the Forces.  But take into condsideration what they do or did, the life and it is easy to see the injuries, additictions and PTSD becoming prevalent.

Because of this, a minimum of $10 from every banner printed and 10% from all sales will be donated to “Leave the Streets Behind” and other Homeless Veteran Progams such as the recent tiny home programs.

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