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About 10 years ago, we were approached by a local Legion and asked if we could make banners with pictures of local Veterans on them.  Being a Veteran, I did not know this was a thing so I did some research and found that there were communities in the East Coast that were doing something similar.

After some discussion in the shop, we thought that this was a great way to support Veterans and spoke to a couple local Legions to see if they were interested in starting a program.  

Ten years, 70 plus programs, and over 5 000 banners later, we are still working with Legions, Towns, Museums, Service groups and anyone who wants to have a program in their community and we will keep going as long as needed.










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Our Goal

Since working with the first program, we have had the privilage to work with Service Clubs, Towns, Municipalities, even Schools who do not have an active Legion in their area in order to have banners put up in their community.

We are committed to helping whomever wishes, to start a program.  Program booklets, checklists, artwork and high quality products are all available to whomever needs it.  We will continue producing banners for as long as there is a want for them.

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