The Program

The Memorial Banner Program

About 10 years ago, we were approached by a local Legion and asked if we could make banners with pictures of local Veterans on them.  Being a Veteran, I did not know this was a thing so I did some research and found that there were communities in the East Coast that were doing something similar.

After some discussion in the shop, we thought that this was a great way to support Veterans and spoke to a couple local Legions to see if they were interested in starting a program.  

Ten years, numerous programs across Canada, and over 5 000 banners later, we are still working with Legions, Towns, Museums, Service groups and anyone who wants to have a program in their community and we will keep going as long as needed.


What is the Memorial Banner Program?

The Memorial Banner Program is a community-based initiative designed to provide a meaningful tribute to individuals who have served Canada in uniform. The program aims to create a sense of connection and remembrance within the community by displaying personalized banners in prominent locations.

The program begins with a group or community stepping forward wanting to have the banners in their community. After receiving support from local government and other shareholders, the banner committee can present the program to their community to help the identification and selection of participants. Certain criteria for eligibility and participation are established, ensuring that the program is open to individuals or families who wish to honor their loved ones. An application and review process is typically put in place to manage the selection of participants.

Once participants are chosen, the program facilitates the design and creation of personalized memorial banners. Families collaborate with the program coordinators to provide relevant information about their loved ones, including photographs, names, and service. Professional designed proofs are created to showcase the banners in a unique and visually appealing banners while maintaining the spirit of remembrance.

After the banners are created, suitable locations within the community are selected for their display. These locations are typically high-traffic areas that allow for maximum visibility and engagement from community members. The program ensures proper installation and regular maintenance of the banners to uphold their integrity and longevity.

Funding for the Memorial Banner Program usually comes from a combination of sources. Public and private partnerships may be established to provide financial support. Additionally, local businesses and organizations are often approached for sponsorship opportunities, allowing them to contribute to the program while gaining visibility within the community.

To promote community engagement and awareness, various communication and outreach strategies are employed. Traditional and digital media platforms are utilized to spread the word about the program, while social media campaigns and dedicated websites help generate interest and involvement. Collaborations with local organizations, such as religious institutions, schools, and community centers, are also fostered to enhance participation and support.

Ultimately, the Memorial Banner Program aims to foster pride, healing and remembrance within the community. It offers individuals and families a way to honor and pay tribute to their loved ones while creating a lasting legacy. Participation in the program not only brings comfort to the families but also strengthens community ties and promotes a stronger community.

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